Providing software solutions and committed support to the property and asset management sectors

OPM is a total property management, facilities management and financial software suite covering all aspects of property management, financials and performance analysis. It handles a wide range of property types such as commercial, industrial and retail complexes and is used by property management companies, publicly listed companies, investment houses, government agencies, local authorities and owners of large portfolios.
As a publicly listed company, CNZ Property fund requires accounting and property management software that is reliable, accurate and flexible enough to provide quality and timely information. OPM software meets all of CNZ requirements.
As one of the largest property services companies in New Zealand, our property management system must be top-of- the-line. OPM fits the bill and gives us the flexibility to meet the wide-ranging requirements of our clients.
Since moving to OPM 8 years ago, our property management portfolio has grown exponentially. We are very happy with OPM and the flexibility it provides managing mix types of portfolios
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