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OPM Property Management Software Suite

Welcome to OPM Property Management Software

OPM is a total property management, facilities management and financial software suite that covers all aspects of property management, accounting, financials and performance analysis.

It aims to provide industrial strength management together with productivity improvement. It has been designed to mimic the work flow of property managers using principles from their day to day activities, cover every situation that might cross their path and answer almost any ad-hoc query they may have.


Who is it for?

OPM is used by property management companies, investment houses, government agencies and local authorities, publicly listed companies and owners of large portfolios.

OPM handles a wide range of property types including residential, industrial, commercial and retail complexes.

Its flexibility, modularity and add-on capabilities make it a solution for a wide range of organisations with varied needs.


How was OPM developed?

Ofek enlisted the experience of professional property managers and qualified accountants in order to develop and provide a comprehensive, best of breed property management and financial software solution. Since its first release, in 1988, it has been constantly upgraded in response to changing client needs, industry requirements and technological developments.

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