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What are the minimum system requirements for OPM?

A broadband access to the internet is enough to get you started with OPM on the Cloud.

What database engine does OPM use?

Microsoft SQL Server (2008 onwards).

Can I have OPM without the accounting?

This is a little like asking: "Kitchen without a stove?" Yes you can, but do you really want to? Managing a property portfolio means managing properties, tenancies, leases together with debtors, creditors, general ledger and other financials in a single integrated manner. This means accounting, which is what OPM does so easy and well for you. Accounting is designed into OPM from the ground up. It is not tacked on as an after thought. It is a fundamental, indispensable part of OPM.

What about photos, floor plans, lease documents and other external objects?

Yes, OPM provides you with a Document/Object management tool. OPM enables you to link multiple external objects to a record in the database. This means that when you view information of, say, a particular tenancy in OPM, you can, with a click of a button, bring up the current lease document or the related floor plan.

Can we interface with other database or financial applications?

Yes. OPM includes in-built facilities to exchange data with other database applications such as subsidiary ledgers or parent financial systems.

No job is too big for OPM, but are some too small?

No, not really, but OPM may be too "feature rich" for some smaller portfolios. Talk to Ofek staff to see if it is right for you.

Our property management business has offices around the country. Can OPM help us to manage our business?

Absolutely! Ofek has national and international clients with local offices around the country accessing their OPM using Web browser or terminal server. It really hums. This might be a solution for you. There are lots of other possibilities.

What is the next step?

Give us a call (+649 366 1558) and chat to us about your business.

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